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Sally and John ComptonMy love for Akitas began in 1984. It's hard to believe that I've had this beautiful breed in my life for that long We've never had more than four Akitas at any one time living with us in our home. Owning my own business, I've been fortunate enough to have been able to take them to work with me, but I only take one at a time.

The Akita's devotion is probably the personality trait I'm most attracted to. Each time I lose one, I think that I can't do this again; but I find an empty place in my heart, and another Akita seems to sneak back in.  

So, I'm not a big breeder, but very proud of what I've accomplished in and for the breed. I've owned, Co-owned or been attached to 5 ROM producers: Am/Can Ch. Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud-ROMPX, Am/Can Ch. Crown Royal's America Dream Boy-ROMPX, Pharfossa Kenjiko Grisley-ROMP and Ch. Ch. Beni-tas Got No Satisfaction-ROM and Ch. Crown Royal's Belle of Big O-ROM.  Ch. Carousel's Never Surrender, River, gave me the honor of receiving the Breeder's Cup Award for Best Puppy at the National in Atlanta.  Then having the privilege of owning Jagger, Am/Can Ch. Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud, ROMPX, the top-winning Akita of all time, with Ingrid is just an honor that words could never explain.  Ingrid and I have been friends since 7th grade and have been so lucky to have been able to keep such a friendship thriving, through dogs and just our everyday living.

I have also been blessed with having a wonderful man come into my life
, my husband John. It's pretty darn funny to see someone come into your life that didn't have the passion for my dogs, and didn't ever want anything to tie him down or to stop him from all his adventures. But, they snuck into his heart too and took us all in November of 2000.  John and I manage to do a fair amount of snow skiing. John makes it up anywhere between 50 and 80 times a year and I trail behind him with between 35 and 50 times. Then in the summer, we enjoy boating and have made many improvements to our lake property that we own in Coeur d'Alene.  Of course, we'll be able to take the dogs out to our lake place in the near future.

But, more then all the accomplishments, I know that I've enriched people's lives with the special companions they have acquired from Carousel Akitas. We hope you enjoy your visit to our online home.


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