Devoe was our beloved "PAPERBOY" and this is probably the hardest write up to do for us.  We lost Devoe when he was almost 3 1/2 years old.  He was such a spoiled Mama's boy, for when the litter was 3 days old, we lost his mother, my Remington.  So, I bottle fed 6 healthy puppies me being there everything, for that I have a whole new appreciation for motherhood.  Most of the times I was in tears, but I made it through it.  Devoe was the one that stayed with me out of this litter, I took Devoe to work with me everyday.  The bond that he and I developed through his raising, was more than I could have ever imagine.

Paris and Devoe were best pals, and eventually produced our beloved boy "Austin", but with this is a story.  Austin's litter was not a planned litter, although Paris and Devoe had plans of there own. Paris was in season and she was being kept in a separate yard from Devoe, when our yard guy came to feed our lawns, he didn't know that I had Devoe and Paris separated for a reason, so he let them out together and with that one breeding we had 7 puppies, which gave us the litter that produced our boy "Austin, Garth and their sister Britney".

Devoe was growing and maturing into such a stunning boy, that I felt it was time to get him out to the show ring.  So, Maddy and I started Devoe and Austin into classes.  Austin was only about 4 months old.  Devoe was doing great!  So Maddy and I flew to Arizona with Devoe, Austin and Fancy.  I do not go in the show ring, it is just not my thing and we do not have very many shows in the Spokane area.  I knew Devoe could finish fast and I chose Ron Buxton, a professional handler and a dear friend.  Devoe was doing fine with Ron and Devoe stayed with Ron for the weekend and Maddy and I stayed in a hotel with Austin and Fancy.  We meet back up with Ron and Devoe at the shows and everything was going well.  Devoe even took the points on Sunday, his second day in the ring.  So, I truly felt that Devoe would be okay with Ron and whether he finished his championship or not I was going to pick him back up from Ron at shows in Vegas, just two months away.

It was so very hard to leave Devoe, because we were so bonded to one another.  John and I had just gotten married in the fall and he didn't want me to leave Devoe at all.  He just didn't think that he could do it, away from us.  We only had two weeks to go until the Vegas shows and we got the most awful phone call from Ron that Devoe had bloated and he rushed him to the vet.  They elected to have the surgery, but we lost our boy the very next morning.  I truly believe that Devoe died of a broken heart from being away from us.  It isn't that he wasn't doing well with Ron, because he had 7 points and seemed to be doing well.  But, I what I think happened, was that when Ron was loading up his cube van and he waited to load Devoe last, that I think that Devoe thought he was going to leave him.  Because Ron loaded him in the cube van and by the time they got to the dog show, which wasn't very far from Ron's place in Arizona, Devoe was already bloating.  And then with us not being there when Devoe woke up from his surgery, I just think that he gave up.   But, I owe Devoe so much, for he knew what he was doing when he and Paris got together and gave us our beautiful boy's Austin, and Garth!

Owners: Sally & John Compton
Breeders: Sally Ericksen Compton
DOB: September 2, 2001
Sire: CH Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud, ROMP
Dam: CH Carousel's Armed With Attitude






CH Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud, ROMX

CH Crown Royals Count Basie, ROMP CH Noji's The Count Crown Royal, ROMPX
CH Crown Royal's Akai O-Kashi CD. ROMPX

CH Noji's Ivy Of Crown Royal, ROMPX
CH O'BJ King's Ransom, ROMPX
CH Daijobu's Vampirella O'BJ, ROMPX

CH Carousel's Armed with Attitude

CH Crown Royal America Dream Boy, ROMPX
CH Crown Royals Slugo-Go, ROMP
Pharfossa's Kenjiko Grisley, ROMP
CH Dynasty's Apache Crown Royal
CH Noji's The Count Crown Royal, ROMPX
CH Dynastys' Firestorm

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